The 29th Сonference on Applied and Industrial Mathematics, CAIM 2022


The Romanian Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics (ROMAI), “Gheorghe Mihoc-Caius Iacob” Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Applied Mathematics of Romanian Academy, Mathematical Society of the Republic Moldova (MSM), Tiraspol State University (TSU), Vladimir Andrunachievici Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science (VAIMCS), Moldova State University (USM), Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (ASEM), Technical University of Moldova (TUM), Alecu Russo State University of Balți (USARB) announce the organization of the 29th Conference on Applied and Industrial Mathematics – CAIM 2022. The Conference will be held in Chisinau, between the 25 and the 27 of August, 2022.

Chișinău (Romanian pronunciation: [kiʃinəw]; historically also known as Kishinev, from Russian: Кишинёв) is the capital and largest municipality of Moldova, founded in 1436. It is also its main industrial and commercial center and is located in the middle of the country, on the river Bîc. According to the January 2022 official estimates, municipality of Chișinău has a population of 779332 persons.

Chișinău is the most prosperous city in Moldova, and its largest transportation hub. As the most economically and socially important municipality in Moldova, the city has a broad range of educational facilities.

Chișinău has an international airport, which offers connections with major cities including Athens, Bucharest, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Kiev, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Vienna and others.  Being situated 13 km away from the center of the capital, the Chisinau Airport (IATA: KIV; ICAO: LUKK) is the main and biggest airport of the Republic of Moldova.

The first scheduled flights to Chișinău started on 24 June 1926, on the route Bucharest-Galati-Chișinău and Iasi. The airport handled 1,200,000 passengers per year.

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Travel information

The Air Moldova flight operator has its head office in the area of the Chișinău International Airport. The most popular form of internal transport in Moldova is generally the bus. Although the city has three main train stations, buses generally serve as the means of transport between different cities within and outside of Moldova. Popular destinations include Soroca, Orhei, Odessa (Ukraine), Iași and Bucharest (Romania). Within Chișinău and its suburbs, privately operated minibuses, known as “routers” generally follow the major bus and trolleybus routes and are used more frequently.


CAIM 2022 provides a forum for the review of the recent trends in theoretical, numerical, experimental and industrial applications of mathematics, in computer sciences and in education activities in mathematics and informatics. Computer science communications are welcome. It offers to the researchers the opportunity to share new research advances and ideas in different areas of Mathematics with a special stress on their applicability. Also, it is our intention to create a framework for discussions on the interface between Mathematics and Engineering and Life Sciences.

Graduate students and PhD students interested in these rapidly developing fields are warmly welcome.

This edition is especially dedicated to researches in algebra, geometry and topology and their applications.


Conference Sections

  1. Partial Differential Equations;
  2. Ordinary Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems;
  3. Mathematical Modeling in Engineering and Life Sciences;
  4. Real, Complex, Functional and Numerical Analysis;
  5. Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, Operations Research;
  6. Algebra, Logic, Geometry, Topology;
  7. Computer Science;
  8. Education.


Scientific Committee

Acad. Radu MIRON (Iaşi) Acad. Peter KENDEROV (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Acad. Ioan TOMESCU (Bucharest) Gabriela MARINOSCHI (Bucharest)
Acad. Constantin CORDUNEANU (Arlington, USA) Andrei MOROIANU (Paris)
Acad. Marius IOSIFESCU (Bucharest) Sergiu MOROIANU (Bucharest)
Alexander ARHANGELSKII (Moscow, Russia) Anca Veronica ION (Bucharest)
Tudor BARBU (Iași) Costică MOROŞANU (Iaşi)
Constantin BĂCUŢĂ (Delaware, USA) Lidia PALESE (Bari)
Cornelia-Livia BEJAN (Iasi) Titus PETRILA (Cluj-Napoca)
Yaroslav BIHUN (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) Mihail POPA (Chişinău)
Wladimir-Georges BOSKOFF (Constanţa) Vasile POSTOLICĂ (Bacău)
Viorel BOSTAN (Chişinău) Constantin POPA (Constanţa)
Vasile BRINZĂNESCU (Bucharest) Liliana RESTUCCIA (Messina)
Sanda CLEJA-ŢIGOIU (Bucharest) Carmen ROCŞOREANU (Craiova)
Dana CONSTANTINESCU (Craiova) Dana SCHLOMIUK (Montreal)
Anca CROITORU (Iaşi) Bianca SATCO (Suceava)
Ion CRĂCIUN (Iaşi) Denis SIDOROV (Irkutsk, Russia)
Rodica CURTU (Iowa) Mihaela STERPU (Craiova)
Gabriel DIMITRIU (Iaşi) Mirela ŞTEFĂNESCU (Constanţa)
Irinel DRAGAN (Texas, USA) Kiyoyuki TCHIZAWA (Tokyo)
Narcisa APREUTESEI DUMITRIU (Iaşi) Dan TIBA (Bucharest)
Angelo FAVINI (Bologna) Ioan TODINCĂ (Orléans)
Constantin FETECĂU (Iaşi) Catalin TRENCHEA (Pittsburgh, USA)
Paul GEORGESCU (Iaşi) Mihai TURINICI (Iaşi)
Călin Ioan GHEORGHIU (Cluj-Napoca) Rodica TUDORACHE (Iasi)
Vladimir GERDT (Russia) Nicolae VULPE (Chişinău)
Alexander GRIN (Grodno, Belarus) Gheorghiţă ZBĂGANU (Bucharest)
Stelian ION (Bucharest)


Organizing Committee

Stelian ION, ISMMA, President of ROMAI Victor ŞCERBACOV, VAIMCS
Eduard COROPCEANU, Rector of TSU Vladimir IZBAȘ, VAIMCS
Viorel BOSTAN, Rector of TUM Florin DAMIAN, VAIMCS
Natalia GAȘIȚOI, Rector of USARB Andrei PERJAN, USM
Inga ȚIȚCHIEV, Director of VAIMCS David CEBAN, USM
Svetlana COJOCARU, Vice-president of ASM Vasile GLAVAN, USM
Constantin GAINDRIC, Director of the doctoral school Vasile NEAGA, USM
Anca Veronica ION, ROMAI Alexandru LUNGU, USM
Aliona DREGLEA (Russia) Gheorghe CĂPĂŢÂNĂ, USM
Ekaterina MIHAYLOVA (Bulgaria) Valeriu UNGUREANU, USM
Mihaela STERPU (România) Boris HÎNCU, USM
Dumitru COZMA, TSU Vladislav SEICIUC, TCUM


Locally Organizing Committee

President: Liubomir CHIRIAC (Professor, Dr. Habilitat, Vice-president of ROMAI, TSU)
Vice-presidents: Dumitru COZMA (Professor, Dr. Habilitat, Tiraspol State University)
Andrei BRAICOV (Assoc. Professor Dr., Tiraspol State University)
Dorin AFANAS (Assoc. Professor Dr., Tiraspol State University)
Members: Igor POSTOLACHI (Assoc. Professor Dr., Tiraspol State University)
Valeriu BORDAN (Assoc. Professor Dr., Tiraspol State University)
Angela GLOBA (Assoc. Professor Dr., Tiraspol State University)
Larisa SALI (Assoc. Professor Dr., Tiraspol State University)
Dorin PAVEL (Assoc. Professor Dr., Tiraspol State University)
Tatiana VEVERIȚA (Assoc. Professor Dr., Tiraspol State University)
Maria PAVEL (Assoc. Professor Dr., Tiraspol State University)
Vadim REPEȘCO (Assoc. Professor Dr., Tiraspol State University)
Vitalie PUȚUNTICĂ (Assoc. Professor Dr., Tiraspol State University)
Natalia LUPAȘCO (Assoc. Professor Dr., Tiraspol State University)
Natalia JOSU (Assoc. Professor Dr., Tiraspol State University)
Teodora VASCAN (Assoc. Professor Dr., Tiraspol State University)
Ala GAȘNAȘ (Assoc. Professor Dr., Tiraspol State University)
Mihaela HAJDEU (Lecturer, Tiraspol State University)



CAIM 2022 will take place at the

Tiraspol State University,
Gh. Iablocikin 5, MD 2069,
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Tel:      +373-22-74-79-19
+373 67590658
The conference website

Besides of taxi or car one can also hit the Conference location by trolleybus, number 5, 8, 23, 34.



For lodging, we recommend one of the following hotels, situated in the proximity of the Conference location.

Places in student hostels will be provided for participants who will choose this option.


Social Program

Official dinner
The cost of the excursion will be specified in the last Announcement.



You can reach Chisinau:

From the Chisinau Airport, downtown hotels and the conference location can be reached within 30-40 minutes by car or by trolleybus (no. 30). A taxi ride costs around 200 MDL (10 €).

A trolleybus ride cost around 6 MDL (0.3 €)


Registration deadline: July 20, 2022
The registration can be made online at the web page of the Tiraspol State University

Conference Fees

Registration fee (August 25, 2022)

Registration fee, general: 100 Euro
ROMAI members: 50 RON

Local participants: 200 MDL
Foreign participants from former socialist countries: 200 MDL (10 Euro)
Students: free of charge
The costs of official dinner and the excursion are not included in the conference fees.


Important Dates

Registration deadline: 20.07.2022

Notification of acceptance (for presentation): 01.08.2022

Deadline to submit Abstracts: 25.07.2022

Conference period: 25-27 August, 2022



The abstracts must be written in English for all sections, in accordance with the Registration Form.
The abstracts for Sections 1-7 will be written by using, the LATEX2e template below.
The abstracts for Section 8 will be written by using Microsoft Word.


CAIM Abstracts Template (for sections 1-7)

\newcommand{\titleart}[1]{\bigskip \begin{center}
\large \textbf{#1}\end{center}}
\newcommand{\autorart}[1]{\begin{center} \large
\textsf{#1}\end{center} \vspace{-6mm} }
\newcommand{\coord}[1]{\begin{center} \small
\textit{#1}\end{center} \vspace{-6mm} }
\newcommand{\mail}[1]{\begin{center} \small
\textit{#1}\end{center} \normalsize}
\titleart{Title of abstract}
\autorart{Author1 \index{Author1}, Author2
\coord{Affiliation, Country}

Text of the abstract………

{\small {\bf References}

  1. E. Hopf, {\it A mathematical example displaying

features of turbulence},

Comm. Appl. Math. {\bf 1}(1948), 303-322.


  1. M. Golubitsky, D.G. Schaeffer, {\it Singularities

and groups in bifurcation theory}, vol. I,
Springer-Verlag, New York, 1985.


PAPERS. Instructions for Authors

For Section 8, it can be written full articles, in Romanian or in English, that will be including in the proceedings of communications in didactics.

The paper will contain 3-5 full pages, (pages are not numbered) typed according to the following requirements:

  • the text of the paper will be written in Microsoft Word, on A4 paper size, Times New Roman font, font size 13, line spacing 1.25 mm;
  • the margin sizes must have the following dimensions: Top – 2 cm; Bottom – 2 cm; Left – 2 cm; Right – 2 cm;
  • THE TITLE OF THE PAPER will be written in bold capital letters, using Times New Roman font, font size 13, centered; followed in the new line, by the full name and surname of the author (authors), Times New Roman font, centered, font size 13; followed by institutional affiliation (department – for TSU collaborators; institution – for authors or co-authors from outside TSU);
  • abstracts (200-500 signs or 75-100 words) in Romanian and English will be written without indentation, with left-right alignment and font size 11;
  • keywords: 5-10 words, in Romanian and English, placed after abstracts;
  • the content of the paper must aim high interest areas, according to the proposed topic for the debate; having originality and including personal experiences;
  • the references must be inserted in the text of the paper corresponding to the bibliographic list, included in square brackets [..];
  • formulas are incorporated in the text of the communication using the Equation tool;
  • graphs, histograms, drawings, etc. must be numbered and placed in the text of the communication, followed by the title in bold, centered. The drawings must be grouped, so as not to lose details;
  • the tables are numbered and incorporated in the text of the communication centered, being preceded by the title, centered, in bold;
  • the works can have a maximum of 3 authors;
  • the presented papers will be published in the official Proceeding of the Conference, with ISBN, UDC and indexed by;
  • The works can be presented in English, Romanian, Russian, French;
  • The bibliography is recorded at the end of the paper, according to the SM ISO690:2012 standard.


The Scientific Committee will select the works which may be communicated and published.

The Organizing Committee has the right to reject any work which exhibits an inappropriate scientific or linguistic level.

The authors should obey the standard copyright regulations and are responsible for the scientific and linguistic accuracy of the text.

For detailed information please check the conference website

The works of the conference will be included after a refereeing selection in the journals:

  • ROMAI Journal (please check,
  • The journal „Acta et Commentationes Exact and Natural Sciences”. The journal is included in the Register of Scientific Journals of the Republic of Moldova in category B and can be accessed at (or the official website of the journal The e-mail address of the magazine is
  • The journal „Acta et Commentationes Sciences of Education”. The journal is included in the Register of Scientific Journals of the Republic of Moldova in category B and can be accessed at (or The e-mail address of the magazine is


The papers for Section 1- 8 will be sent to Maria Pavel,


Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Tiraspol State University,
CAIM 2022 will take place at Tiraspol State University, Gh. Iablocikin 5, MD 2069, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Tel: +373-22-74-79-1
+373 67590658



In August (summer in Republic of Moldova), the temperature is about 17-24 C0 and the days are usually sunny.