International Symposium „Actual Problems of Mathematics and Informatics” dedicated to the 90th Birthday of Professor Ion Valuță

International Symposium

„Actual Problems of Mathematics and Informatics”

dedicated to the 90th Birthday of Professor Ion Valuță

November 27-28, 2020, TUM, Chișinău, Republic of Moldova

 Due to the exceptional conditions induced by the spread of the COVID 19
Pandemic, the actual Symposium will be a virtual – online – event.

The theme of Symposium will reflect various actual issues in mathematics and computer science, mathematical modeling in engineering, education.



  • Romanian Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics – ROMAI
  • Mathematical Society of the Republic of Moldova – MSRM
  • Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Chișinău
  • Technical University of Moldova (TUM), Chișinău
  • Tiraspol State University (TSU), Chișinău


Conference Sections:

I.   Partial Differential Equations and Ordinary Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems;
II.  Mathematical Modeling, Theoretical Engineering – Modeling and Simulation;
III. Real, Complex, Functional and Numerical Analysis;
IV. Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, Operations Research;
V.  Algebra, Logic, Geometry;
VI. Computer Science;
VII. Education.


Organizing Committee:


Viorel BOSTAN (Rector of TUM, Chișinău)


  • Mitrofan CIOBANU (President of MSRM, VicePresident of ROMAI, Chișinău),
  • Costică MOROŞANU (President of ROMAI, Iași)
  • Ion BOSTAN (TUM, Chișinău),
  • Mircea BERNIC (TUM, Chișinău),
  • Constantin GAINDRIC (IMCS, Chișinău),
  • Valeriu DULGHERU (TUM, Chișinău),
  • Stelian ION (Secretary of ROMAI, ISMMA, Bucharest),
  • Anca Veronica ION (ISMMA, Bucharest),
  • Dumitru BOTNARU (TSU, Chișinău)
  • Liubomir CHIRIAC (TSU, Chișinău)
  • Dumitru COZMA (TSU, Chișinău)
  • Vasile URSU (TUM, Chişinău)
  • Galina RUSU (MSU, Chişinău),
  • Florin DAMIAN (Deputy Director of IMCS, Chişinău),
  • Vladimir IZBAŞ (IMCS, Chișinău),
  • Leonid DOHOTARU (TUM, Chișinău),
  • Elena COJUHARI (TUM, Chișinău),
  • Ana COSTAȘ (TUM, Chișinău),
  • Rodica CUJBĂ (TUM, Chișinău),
  • Victor ORLOV (TUM, Chișinău),
  • Ion JARDAN (TUM, Chișinău).


Abstracts and Proceedings:

The abstracts for Sections I-VI shall be written in English by using the LATEX.
The abstracts for Section VII may be written in English or Romanian by using LATEX or Microsoft Word.
The abstracts must be sent by email to the address:
Papers of the selected valuable presentations will be published in the following scientific journals:


Important Dates:

– Submission of abstracts deadline: – 23 November
– Notification of acceptance (for presentation): – 24 November
– Online registration and confirmation of participation to the conference: – 25-26 November
– Conference period: – 27-28 November 2020