Residence Permit for Incoming Student

Foreigners who intend to study in Moldova must apply for a residence permit immediately upon their arrival in Moldova.

The International Relations Office of Tiraspol State University provides close assistance to all incoming Erasmus Students during this procedure.

For your Residence Permit, you need to take the following documents:

  1. Your passport and a copy of it,
  2. Copy of study contract/agreement,
  3. The original criminal record of the country of origin, legalized/apostilled (as established), translated into the state language and authenticated notary or consulary, with the exception of minors under 16, (We marked it as it may take some time to be issued.)
  4. Health insurance papers (valid for Moldova),
  5. 3×4 size colour photos ( 4 items),
  6. Official student paper and official paper from our office (We will give them to you after your arrival),
  7. Address of your stay in Moldova.



Once your application has been approved by the Departmental and Institutional Coordinators, our International Relations Office can book you a room for 2-3 students with shared kitchen and bathroom in the university dormitory situated within a 5 minutes walking distance from the University.

The university dormitory is situated in 11 Vasile Cheltuială Street. The building that hosts the Faculty of Geography is in 26A Drumul Viilor Street – the parallel street. There is a canteen in the university with lunches of about 50 lei (2-3 Euros) and a supermarket in the immediate proximity.

The cost of accommodation is 4120 lei (about 210 Euros) for the whole semester, i.e.

520 lei per month (nearly 26 euro x 6 months) paying at your arrival for a whole semester, and

a repayable deposit equal to 1000 lei (50 Euros) that will be given back to you only if your room is left in a good condition at your departure. Expenses for utilities (electricity, water, and heating) are included in the price.

If you prefer to find your own place to live, you need to search on your own as the University does not help in finding private accommodation. Besides may also check and, but the last two are platforms where anyone can post, so we cannot subscribe for the honesty of their offers.



The receptionist will have a list of incoming students, so arriving students can come straight to the dormitory. On the first working day after your arrival, you should report to the International Relations Office with your Passport and all other required documents. At the beginning of the semester we will organize an information meeting where you are informed about university and the surrounding facilities. International Relations Office of Tiraspol State University is located in 5 Ghenadie Iablocichin Street.