Household Affairs and Heritage Development Department

I. General Information

Borezatu Ion

Head of the Department

The Household Affairs and Heritage Development Department (HAHDD) ensures the functioning and development of the University’s infrastructure; creates optimal conditions for the good development of the training process in the two blocks of studies and living in the student dormitory. HAHDD, based on the requests of the subdivisions within the Tiraspol State University, it designs and elaborates the annual procurement plan according to which public procurement procedures are carried out in order to start the capital constructions and current repairs, procurement of goods and services, etc. One of the main objectives of the Household Affairs and Heritage Development Department is the methodological coordination of public procurement from the public budget, own revenues, revenues related to the dormitories, revenues from scientific research projects, as well as from other attraacted funds. Another objective of the HAHDD is to ensure sanitary conditions by maintaining cleanliness in classrooms and offices and common areas in the study blocks, in the student dormitory and the care of the adjacent land.

The HAHDD is also responsible for managing and ensuring the proper functioning of the thermal, electrical and aqueduct networks as well as the elaboration of measures aimed at saving electricity, heat, etc. The main objective of the Household Affairs and Heritage Development Department is to ensure the health and safety of TSU students and employees. In this regard, the engineer for occupational health and safety organizes annually the procedure for checking the fire condition in the study and dormitory blocks with the subsequent removal of all the shortcomings identified by the commission. Trainings are organized on fire prevention and fire protection measures. Twice a year, working meetings are organized with TSU employees and students on occupational health and safety / training, civil protection, etc.

Under the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, the HAHDD has the obligation to ensure each study room, office, place of common use with all disinfecting materials, as well as strict monitoring of compliance with the restrictions imposed by current legislation on the declared epidemiological status.

II. List of employees

Alexandru SAJIN, chief engineer

Gheorghe GRAUR, energy engineer, occupational health and safety engineer

Maria ZALINSCHI, head of household, study block, Chisinau municipality, 5 Gh. Iablocikin street

Olesea GLAVAN, head of household, study block, Chișinău municipality, 26A Drumul Viilor street

Miroslav ȚURCAN, head of the student dormitory, 11 V. Cheltuiala street

Elena SERPILOV, secretary of the Household Affairs and Heritage Development Department