Forms of studies

Within the PhMIT faculty, the higher studies are carried out in the Romanian and Russian languages, financed from the budget and by contract, being organized in three cycles:

I. Bachelor’s degree (Cycle I)


  1. Mathematics and computer science
  2. Physics and Computer Science
  3. Computer Science and Mathematics
  4. Mathematics
  5. Informatics
  6. Physics

Duration of studies: 4 years in frequency education in dual specialties, 3 years in frequency education in single specialties and 4 years in low frequency education.

Admission is based on the baccalaureate diploma and the college diploma. Graduates of cycle I are given the title of Bachelor. The qualification obtained by the graduates of cycle I is relevant for the labor market and allows the graduates to work as a licensor in the field of vocational training.

II. Master’s degree studies (cycle II)


  1. Modern Mathematics and Training Technologies
  2. Information Technologies in Training
  3. Modern Physics and Formative Technologies
  4. Educational Management
  5. Institutional Management and Communication

The duration of the studies is 2 years and is provided only in education with the daily frequency.

Admission is made on the basis of the diploma of the higher degree studies. Graduates of cycle II are awarded the master’s degree. The qualification obtained by the graduates of cycle II is relevant for the labor market at a level of qualification higher than the licensee and allows the graduates to activate not only as specialists with higher category, but also experts, team leaders and subdivisions, project managers. . Graduates of cycle II can take doctoral studies (cycle III).

III. Doctorate in specialties:


134.12. Didactic physics

531.01. General theory of education 531.02. Educational management

531.04. Social pedagogy

532.01. Preschool didactics

532.02. School Didactics (by stages and educational disciplines)