Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technologies

Andrei Braicov

PhD, associate professor

The Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technologies (PhMIT) of the TSU is the first faculty of the Republic of Moldova, founded on October 1, 1930, whose main purpose is to organize and conduct the educational-educational process and to carry out scientific research activities in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Informatics and Information Technologies.

The PhMIT faculty ensures the high preparation for the following accredited study programs:

Cycle I (license)

  • computer science and mathematics (4 years);
  • computer science and physics (4 years);
  • computer science and foreign languages ​​(4 years);
  • mathematics and physics (4 years);
  • mathematics and computer science (4 years);
  • physics and computer science (4 years);
  • physics and mathematics (4 years);
  • physics and astronomy (4 years);
  • mathematics * (3 years);
  • computer science * (3 years);
  • physical (3 years).

*Note. The programs of studies Mathematics and Computer Science are organized also in regime with reduced frequency with the duration of 4 years.

Cycle II (master’s degree)

  • Modern mathematics and modern training technologies (2 years);
  • Information technologies in training (2 years);
  • Modern physics and training technologies (2 years);
  • Institutional management and communication (2 years);
  • Educational management (2 years).

The Faculty of PhMIT collaborates with Romanian institutions (University of Craiova, “Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, “Al. I. Cuza” University of Iasi, House of the Teaching Body of Suceava), Ukraine (Cernăuţi National University), Slovenia (University of Maribor), Belarus (University of Minsk), China (Normal University of Shanghai), Poland (Pedagogical University of Krakow), Russia (“A. Ioffe” Physical-Technical Institute of St. Petersburg), Korea (from Institute of nanoelectronics in Seoul).

  • Data Analyst (collects, analyzes and interprets data in order to generate statistical reports for a specific unit of an institution, develops data collection tools, designs and develops specific databases);
  • Database administrator (performs the technical expertise for designing, implementing and maintaining relational databases, monitors and maintains database security);
  • Network Administrator (manages computer networks; performs maintenance, evaluation, installation, network configuration, network security and user training in order to maximize productivity);
  • Technical support analyst (provides the necessary technical support for the software and hardware systems, to the various working groups of the institution);
  • Programmer Analyst (analyzes and evaluates scientific and business issues; designs computer programs, collects information, and defines issues following discussions with the user; develops comprehensive specifications to assist programmers in writing programs);
  • Documentary artist in information technology (writes and edits technical reports, brochures, manuals for internal documentation; procures material necessary for the institution from the Internet)
  • Teacher for secondary and high school education in the mentioned fields;
  • Researcher in research institutes on the above mentioned fields;
  • Physics engineer;
  • Data entry operator (performs data entry according to procedures using Office type processing and specialized software packages);
  • Programmer (designs, maintains, tests and modifies programs);
  • Manager in educational institutions;
  • Software Designer (develops and maintains client server applications, multimedia applications, computer systems, telecommunications software, educational software);
  • Web designer (creates and maintains websites; develops new content or adapts existing ones).

Within the FMTI faculty activates:

  • CYBER programming and robotics laboratory;
  • The scientific seminar Differential equations and algebras;
  • Scientific seminar The physics of the condensed state.

In the period 2015-2019, based on the competition, the PhMIT faculty conducts scientific research within four institutional projects financed from the budget:

  • Researching the functional-topological structures and their applications (project manager: academic Mitrofan Cioban);
  • Research on the modification of the energy spectrum of pregnancy carriers in gallium antimonide under the influence of dopants from the groups of rare earth and transition elements and donor-acceptor interaction (project director: university lecturer Igor Postolachi);
  • Study of didactic strategies for applying the method of scientific investigation in virtual environments of active learning (project manager: university lecturer Mihai Calalb);
  • Methodologies of continuous training assisted by computer of the teachers of mathematics and computer science (project director: university professor Ilie Lupu).

In the period 2018-2019, the FMTI faculty conducts scientific research within 2 international projects:

  • NATO SPS G5381 MIDAS – Control Team of Mini-UAVs to Support Counter-Terrorism Missions;
  • NATO SPS G5437 WITNESS – Wide InTegration of Sensor Networks to Enable Smart Surveillance.