Forms of studies

I. Bachelor’s degree (Cycle I)

Full Time education:

  • Biology
  • Ecology
  • Biology and chemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry and biology
  • Chemistry and information technologies
  • Chemistry and physics
  • Ecological security

Duration of studies: 4 years for double specialties and 3 years for single specialties.

Low frequency education:

  • Biology
  • Biology and sinology
  • Chemistry

Duration of studies: 4 years.

    Admission is based on the baccalaureate diploma and the college diploma. Graduates of Cycle I are awarded the bachelor’s degree. The obtained qualification is relevant to the labor market and allows the graduates to work in the field of vocational training.

II. Master’s degree studies (Cycle II)

  • Modern biology and technologies in training
  • Applied biology
  • Biology and psychology of health
  • Contemporary chemistry and educational technologies
  • Ecological chemistry

    Admission is maintained on the basis of the bachelor’s degree diploma. The graduates of Cycle II are given the title of master. The obtained qualification by the graduates is relevant with the labor market of the higher level of qualification and allows them to activate in the teaching and / or research field.